Find and Replace Components doesn't work

mekkablue’s script Find and Replace Components doesn’t work. It worked three days ago. :smiling_face_with_tear:

The result in macro panel keep saying that it replaced 0 components, even though I correctly specified the name of the component that should be replaced.

I downgraded Glyphs3 Version 3.2(3234) to 3.1.2(3151) but still not working. macOS 12.5.1.

I tested the same file in Glyphs2 and it worked. Still not working in Glyph3

We made some major changes in the code base and a few scripts are malfunctioning. However, this script works fine for me. Consider uninstalling and reinstalling the mekkablue scripts in Window > Plugin Manager > Scripts, then reloading scripts.

Can you post the error message you get in the Macro window?

Problem solved. It was the cloud backup server sync, not the Glyphs issue. Thanks for the reply though.

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