Find and Replace in Glyph Name

I have a glyph named: dotlessi.tail.alt

When I apply a search regex:


Instead of becoming dotlessi.tailalt it became idotless.tailalt — that is not what I expect it to do.

That’s because you didn’t specify the period as THE period. If you really mean the period, you need a backslash before it.

As Tosche says, it should be:


Sorry my mistake in my original post, I didn’t realise I had to escape slash in my forum post.

When I applied the Find and Replace I actually did specify


If I had used “(.+).(.+).(.+)” this would have been the result, not idotless.tailalt:

I couldn’t escape backslash either in this forum. In my case it worked just fine (I had to use custom naming though, so should you if you want to use dotlessi)

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Thanks I realise “Use custom naming” had to be enabled.