Find closest segment to a point?

I’m struggling a bit to find a method that identifies the closest segments for a given point.
Given a point already on the path (found with GSPath.nearestPointOnPath_pathTime_()), find the next and previous points on the path.

The GSPath.nearestPointOnPath_pathTime_() is what you need. The integer part of the pathTime is the index of the node at the end of the segment.

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Oh, I didn’t notice it, thanks @GeorgSeifert !

Just to ensure I understand correctly how it works:
When I call path.nearestPointOnPath_pathTime_(firstNode, None), if my firstNode has handles, it returns 2.0 as the index, but if no handles are attached, it returns 0.0.

Here, for example, I’m calling the method on three nodes:

Here for example I’m calling the method on three nodes :

  1. 1st node
  2. Node 1 unit from the 2nd Node
  3. 2nd node

With handles I got :

1st node : 2.0
2nd node : 5.0
Node 1 unit close to 2nd node : 2.998186836859961

Without :

1st node : 0.0
2nd node : 1.0
Node 1 unit close to 2nd node : 0.9986769556999207

What is firstNode?

The function assumes a point somewhere on the segment between two nodes.

The first node of my path.

firstNode = path.nodes[0]

Why would you run that thought nearestPointOnPath_pathTime_()?

It seems that I misunderstood your question.

Here is what I’m trying to achieve:

I’m working on a plugin to show “smart” measurement lines. In this plugin, I’m drawing a perpendicular line from the tangent of the middle node of segments. In EditView, I draw a line from the middle point to the first intersection points.

Now, I would like to know to which segment this intersection point is linked. Why? To reduce the number of measurement lines.

In this screenshot, both measurements are not needed; only one could remain, or an interpolation of these two. By finding which segment is linked to an intersection, I could do something to fix this.

So basically, I’m trying to build a method like :

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I think you just need to give it the intersectionPoint instead of the firstNode:

closestPoint, t = path.nearestPointOnPath_pathTime_(intersectionPoint, None)
lastPointOfTheSegment = path.nodes[int(t)]

Yes. You have to use the point where you like to find the nearest point. Have a look at the Show Stem plugins. That should give you all you need.

Stem Width Plugin you meant, right Georg?
Show Stem doesn’t use any nearest point in path APIs.

I meant the “Show Stem Thickness” plugin.


Thanks, it works like a charm.

def getSegmentNearestPoint(path, point):
	closest_point, t = path.nearestPointOnPath_pathTime_(point, None)
	last_point_segment = path.nodes[int(t)]
	last_point_xy = (last_point_segment.x, last_point_segment.y)

	for s in path.segments:
		x, y = s.lastPoint().x, s.lastPoint().y
		if (x, y) == last_point_xy:
			return s

Now use that method in Skedge to highlight the segment closest to the mouse cursor and add add it to the Skedge sample snippets :heart_eyes:

(Or if you want and agree, I can do that for you in your name)

Would be a nice example for users.


Here’s the plug’n’play of your method above :nerd_face:

Skedge - Nearest Segment to Cursor - Mark2Mark


Very cool!!

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