First Caps Font Project

Hi there - I finished my first font project with Glyphs. Of course not an sophisticated one, is more a display font with all glyphs of the alphabeth + numbers + . : ! ?

What do think, which glyphs range should a caps font provide. Could you give a good example. The aim is to sell the font on the well-known web font sites.

thanks, Alex

You need more punctuation (all of the suggestions in the subcateogires) and at least the “Wester European” group in the Latin category.

You mean that character set:

So you mean a font without lowercase letters isn’t functional enough and thus not used by users?
I know that a well-build type is an time consuming project. But I thought I can make this first version which just consists out of caps, numbers and the important punctuations.

thanks for your reply

You do not have to have a lowercase, but for a Titling font such as you want to make you should duplicate the capitals in the lowercase cells to make it easier to use for the consumer. You do need a full set of punctuation as well as accents.

Yes, now I checked a few fonts which are called ALL CAPS FONTS. I saw that they mostly have all letters of the alphabeth, the numbers and and the basic punctuations. So I will go with this set up.

Good advise to copy (or variations) into the lowercase letters!