First handwritten font improvements: Indesign Glyphs panel

I’m starting out with a first font and I’m getting stuck on some points. I hope some of you can shed some light on this.
Nothing too serious but when I open my Glyphs panel in Indesign, all my glyphs are shifted upwards and are not centred in their boxes.
Is it possible to solve the problem or is it related to the height of my glyphs?
Thanks :wink:

There seems to be something wrong with your vertical metrics. Have a look at this: Vertical metrics | Glyphs

Thanks Georg,
I’ve try everything I could think of (checking manually, using vertical metrics script, changing my export name and folder…) but nothing gives the right answer.
I ended to copy/paste all my glyphs to a fresh new project and my glyphs are now centered in their boxes.

Can you send me the file? (by email to support at this domain, or a link to the file in the direct message)