Fix zero Handles: strange behavior / bug report?

This is a 2-Master font
Master 1: Regular
Master 2: Shadow

When applying “Fix zero Handles” to Master 2, the path in Master 1 gets distorted.

The cause may be:
2 nodes in Master 2 are just 1 point seperated and do have handles (which are exactly on top of the nodes). After fixing this by deleting one of the close node or its handle, “Fix zero Handles” works.


2%20Shadow%20after%20zero%20handles 2%20Shadow%20before%20zero%20handles

Can you send me a .glyphs file with that glyph?

Just sent it to the forum adress


Did you have a look at the file already?


Where did you send it? Please resend to support or res at this domain.

I resent it to 4 of your addresses.
Probably stuck in spam.


I think I fixed it. Please update.