Fixing Masters Instances In Variable Font

Hi everyone! I’m facing challenges while copy-pasting items and removing overlaps in my variable font file, while using glyphs to create ligatures. The master interpolation is causing issues, and adjusting the interpolation curve leads to more problems and I get stucked for hours and still can’t fix it. Can anyone recommend a good video tutorial or script that can help me handle these situations better? Also, I’m looking for a script to remove overlaps at once cause it’s an 800-glyph font. Thanks in advance!

I don’t think such a video exists. How are you adjusting the ‘interpolation curve’? It is better if you say what you are doing exactly. Eg. there are more ways than one to ‘set the interpolation curve’.

You can set a custom parameter to remove overlaps – but! It might mean that some points disappear and then the VF-font can’t be generated.

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Thanks. I am designing a typeface that has light which is set 100 & Extra Bold set 900, And I am making it variable. Can I generate the fonts in between like 400 & 600 by any script or method cause manually doing weights is taking so much time ?

Ahh, the planning of static instances? I can recommend using Rainer’s ‘Instance Cooker’ as described here Creating a variable font | Glyphs

If you only set these static instances (and not also an AVAR-table) then Glyphs will figure it out.

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Please read this:
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Add a tagline under the Glyphsforum website: ‘Transforming the impossible into the simple.’ Thank you, Georg. You’re a superhero.

Why do you want to remove overlaps? It is not necessary for variable fonts, and may cause interpolation problems such as incompatibilities or kinks.

Having said that, you could batch-remove overlaps by selecting all glyphs and run Path > Remove Overlap for All Masters. But I don’t recommend it.

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