Flags of the Head table

I’m trying to clear the font bakery “challenge” and keep getting this fail:

“This is a hinted font, so it must have bit 3 set on the flags of the head table, so that PPEM values will be rounded into and integer value.”

My (novice) question is how do I add this information to my fontfile?

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I don’t think that this is a requirement and I personally would not set that bit.

Nevertheless it might be interesting to be able to control this. I’ll have a look.

Cool, thanks.

Hey Georg,
I would like to set that too. Is there any progress on this matter?

I didn’t had time for this, yet.

If only to be able to pass Fontbakery’s tests, I’d like to be to set this as well.

As an aside, what is the benefit of an actual toggle for this value? Googlefonts obviously think its worth setting, but for what reasons?