Flip and Reverse Text Preview and Text Window

Possible to add this as a feature to the preview and text window, upside-down and mirrored text, ala FontLab?


Do you have an iPod, iPad or iPhone? You can do the upside-down thing with it if you use the Glyphs Viewer app and lock the screen:

bumping this feature request for the desktop version :smiley:

What exactly are you missing? You can mirror the preview upside down with the F button.

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Sorry I did’t realise that was already there!

A bit Old post…though; Is it possible to add the Horizontal Mirrored Feature for the text Preview Window?
I believe it is more useful for testing linear text interrelations of white/Black masses than the {F} vertical flipping feature.

We’ll think about it.

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Hi, new Glyphs app user here. Has this feature been implemented?
I was trying to flip the glyph horizontally through the preview window with no luck. If the feature exist, can you tell me how to use/enable it?

Not implemented, yet.