Font Book supports “replacing” fonts – caching problems solved?

Just noticed that when I update/install fonts via Font Book I have a “Replace” button.

Is this new? Does replacing a font make macOS clear the font cache for that particular font (it would be ridiculous if not)? Does this mean all macOS font caching problems and worries are finally a thing of the past? Does this mean I can finally use Affinity to proof my fonts under development? Does this cache-clearing mechanism (assuming it really works) also work if I export fonts directly to the fonts folder from Glyphs?

Am I missing something, or is this big news for us font makers?


That’d be quite a game changer. Hope I’ll get around to test next week.

Note that that moves the replaced files into ~/Library/Fonts (Removed)

That means built-in version control? :wink:

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