Font cache issues with Adobe CC 2017

hi all—since the update to CC 2017, font files exported directly to Adobe’s fonts folder no longer update on the fly like they used to.

I’ve updated a family, cleared out all my caches, but there is apparently a new cache lurking somewhere that contains a previous version of my files. I’ve verified that I am actually exporting to the Adobe fonts folder, and have verified that new font files are correct—but the old versions are continually being referenced.

can’t figure out where these old font files are being read from. has anyone else had similar experiences?

(sorry for the Adobe question here; could not for the life of me find a decent answer in their maze of a forum system.)

never mind! the problem is that I am an idiot.

there were previous versions in /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Fonts/ that I didn’t see when digging around, because I thought Glyphs had always been set to export into my home folder. (apparently not.)

One good trick is to delete all version of the font until Indesign starts displaying substitution text. To find the ‘hidden’ font, under Type > Find Fonts… (or similar) you find a “Show in Finder” button.

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good trick. thanks Georg. hadn’t noticed the “show in finder” thing.

Good trick. I will update the Adobe Fonts folder tutorial.

of note: the show in finder button only exists in InDesign, but not the analogous panel in Illustrator. in Photoshop it’s replaced with something called “resolve missing fonts,” which tries to fix the issue with TypeKit faces.

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Recently I too have encountered with the same issue of missing fonts. I’m confused because the fonts show up in the file, but still are classified as missing. I even tried to send this file to print, but they could not print it because of the missing fonts. I have the got the solution for fixing this issue from this helpful post……you can also fetch the solution from this:

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