Font can't be chosen in MS Office 2016

I’ve cleaned cache.
And tried on different OS. (macOS 10.14 & Windows 7)
The font still can’t be chosen.

But font works in other Apps.
(like Adobe Illustrator on macOS, Pages on macOS, Notepad on Windows 7)

What should I do?

PS. Glyphs version 2.5.1(1141)

Is it the Bold or Italic style of another font? It may only be accessible by choosing the base regular and then applying the B and I buttons.

No, it’s not the Bold or Italic style of another font.

The font support some CJK ext-B ~ E character, and 2 SPUA-A character.

I can’t choose the font for CJK ext-B ~ E character.
I can choose the font for SUPA-A character. And the font can display the character. (Sometime need to add a space before the character.)

So you can select the font, but you cannot type all letters with it?

I can select the font (before typing or selecting any character).
But as long as i type the character, the font changes to the system font.

And I can’t select the font when I selecting character.

What are the family and style names of the fonts?

You should not have the localizedFamilyName twice. And the localised style name is not needed, either as it is the same as the roman one.

If Office doesn’t like the font, then maybe something else is wrong. Can you try the fontValidator (

I’ve remove them, and re-export the font.

This is the report of my font:
report.html.pdf (97.4 KB)

I added unicodeRanges and codePageRanges.

Then CJK Ext-A ~ Ext-E works, but CJK URO doesn’t work.

I don’t know the reason… (I did lots things…) It works finally…

Thank you for spending time on this problem!