Font Dilation - for Skia Outline Text Effect

For purposes of making better Outlined Font with SkiaSharp, we’d like to Pre-Dilate each font that we use - and then use the Dilated Font to create the outline.

Skia has a ImageFilter.Dilate, which does what we want, but has POOR PERFORMANCE, because as it renders, it’s dilating EVERY PIXEL runtime… which is wouldn’t be necessary if we instead fed Skia a pre-dilated version of the TTF / Typeface!

And so we’re looking for a tool that allows us to create a custom-version of any font where it’s simply Dilated by ‘X’ amount.

Does anyone have suggestions for font editing tool to do this? Or does anyone know of a better/alternative way to achieve dilated text outlines using Skia??

Can you post a screenshot that shows the effect?

After playing around for a while longer with Skia, I realized that I can achieve the exact same effect by simply drawing the Outline FIRST, then the Fill. I was drawing outline 2nd, and so half of the outline width eroded the forecolor glyph itself.

So this mostly becomes a non-issue. The dilated version of the font would allow you to use a thinner outline to achieve the same effect. As it, you have to draw the outline double-width of what you actually want (half of it will be hidden).

We can delete this post, if you want. It was a perceived need based upon a algorithmic flaw. :slight_smile: