Font doesn't work after exporting to Mac Book with macOS Sonoma 14.1.1

Hi everyone, I have a 2021 Mac Book Pro with macOS Sonoma version 14.1.1 and the variable font I created doesn’t work after exporting it and installing it on the font book. I tried using the font on Adobe Illustrator 2024 and Adobe Indesign 2024 and it shows me the axes but they don’t work. I tried to install the variable font I created on the 2017 Mac Book Pro with Mac OS Monterey and the font works on Adobe Illustrator 2022. What should I do to fix this problem?

The latest versions of Indesign have big bugs with variable fonts.

unrelated, but make sure to read this: Eliminating font cache problems | Glyphs and Testing your fonts in Adobe apps | Glyphs

I deleted the previously created fonts, and the font doesn’t work, I installed the font on my friend’s Mac Book with Mac OS Sonoma and it doesn’t work, he had never installed fonts before so he shouldn’t have any problems. Adobe Indesign works with variable fonts downloaded from the internet, maybe I made a mistake in setting something in Glyphs on my font.

There are many variable fonts that currently don’t work in indesign that did work before the latest update.

Until that is fixed, test your fonts in FontGoggles.

Thanks, so can you assure me that the problem is not MacOS Sonoma? because not even Adobe Illustrator can read them to me. Do you have the latest MacBook and Adobe update?

Do not test in Adobe apps currently. Latest news is that they fixed a big interpolation issue in InDesign, you may see it work if sou subscribed to the app’s beta.

To find out if has to do with anything else, including system version, test in a web browser (e.g. with Font Gauntlet or Wakamaifondue), or better yet, with Font Goggles.

Okay thanks, but the problem is that I have to use the variable font also on Illustrator for a thesis project.

Try installing the 2022 version of illustrator.

Ok I’ll try, you were really kind and quick in replying, thank you very much