Font errors in Fontbook

I just finished up a new font, and it’s giving me some odd issues. Everything is default, with no extra coding added in.

Fontbook - The glyph order in the font preview is all over the place. The title preview using the font is random characters. It’s pulling in random characters from other languages that are supported by the font (â, ø etc…). It appears this is only for the otf version. ttf works fine.

GlyphsApp - Since the otf version is working incorrectly, I tried opening the ttf version in Glyphs, so I could convert the ttf to an otf (seeing if that would fix the issue). Doing this crashes Glyphs. Opening the otf in Glyphs crashes it as well.

Any idea what could be happening here?

Then you most likely have messed up your font caches. Read this:

Read this Tutorial please: