Font export error: Unknown glyph "onesuperior"

Unfamiliar with correcting this problem. Can someone suggest a solution? Thanks.

Take a look at your sups feature. Apparently it is referring to glyphs that do not exist.

Thanks! This happens on my italics document, not roman, and “Features” code looks same. Is there a section of the handbook I need to follow?

I think I found it by clicking on “frac”. I will add those glyphs to both Itals and Roman. Thanks!

I see I already have those glyphs in both in Itals and Roman, so perhaps there is something else I can do.

In your features, there doesn’t seem to be a sups feature. Are you sure you clicked Update and Compile before exporting?

Maybe you have a “Add Feature” custom parameter that adds the sups feature?

Thank you!

That problem is solved.