Font family doesn't appear in PC/Microsoft softwares

Hi there,
A client of mine have bought several weights (from light to extrabold .otf and .ttf files) of my font and want to use it on her PC/Microsoft softwares such like Outlook, Excel and Powerpoint. She said me that “the softwares only show one font which can be used as normal or bold, only… no other variations”. (See the attached images from her)
I don’t think the problem comes from the font files since I’ve never had any issues before. I guess it’s something which comes from her PC configurations. But as I’m on MacOS I can’t properly help her. Is there any technical thing to do on PC?
Thank you so much in advance!




Office menus will only show the regular weight. Style-linked fonts can only be accessed through the B and I buttons. So carefully device a style linking strategy. See the Naming tutorial, section ‘Style Linking’, for what we recommend.

In short: in your upright styles, only define the instance ‘Bold’ as ‘the bold of Regular’ and leave all other style linkings blank.

Alright, I’m going to take a look! Many thanks for your prompt reply ;))

Related: I highly suggest that you find a way to test your fonts on Windows before release (can be a bootcamp partition or virtual machine).

Yes I totally agree! I’ll be more careful on that question now.
Thanks Joachim.