Font feature for accessing alternates from Illustrator

Hi, I’m building a font with different A’s and W’s and I’d like to make it work in illustrator as well as InDesign. Up till now I was testing the ss01, but it wasn’t working in AI. Should I use the calt feature instead?

Best regards!

Illustrator has no support for stylistic sets. Use AALT to make the alternates accessible via the glyphs palette. IIRC Glyphs adds all variant forms to AALT when it automatically compiles feature code.

Thank you very much!

Sorry, I tried this, using .aalt as an extension, so W.aalt etc.
What happened is in the glyphs panel in Illustrator, i could not locate the alternate W by clicking over the regular W and finding all alternates. It’s accessible as another character (using ss01 made it available on that dialog box).

But it’s not working via the type > Opentype panel in Ai. - hitting the fifth icon should be the one to change the A to the alternate A, but not working so far. Any thoughts?


No, not adding .aalt to the glyphs. Keep the stylistic set and glyphs will automatically build the aalt feature.

Manually rename the “ss01” feature (disable the generate Feature automatically checkbox first) to “salt” and then click the arrow button. Then the stylistic alternates button should be available in the Illustrator OT panel.

Awesome, it works!
Thanks Georg and James.