Font.glyphs in Objective-C


I am trying to make my first plugin completely in Objective-C. So far I got some things working that are all Apple Code related. Now I am trying to get the connection to Glyphs objects. How can I access the python equivalents to Glyphs.font aka Font, Font.glyphs and Font.selectedLayers? As soon as I can wrap my head around these, I might probably be able to puzzle other translations from the python documentation myself. Hopefully.

I just found one way by climbing up the ladder via the parent attributes from the given Layer in the drawBackgroundForLayer: method. But I guess there is a more direct way?!


You can always check the python wrapper how those methods are implemented.


Okay, I could find my way by looking into the GlyphSILE.m by @SimonC – I also added what he called »// Horrible private things« :smiley: But I can make it work. Thanks so far.