Font Info Panel

Hey - I love this program, but whenever I use the Font Info panel and fill in the Family Name field, it tends to freeze the whole program up. The Font Info panel becomes unresponsive and the other windows are affected in various ways or sometimes not at all. If I avoid filling in the Family Name field, the rest of the fields can be filled in but no information will save.

Any thoughts of a repair or a work around?

Does it happen with all files? Try to make a new Document and fill in the infos.
What Version do you have?
Can you send me the font file for review?


I’m using 0.5.2 and it happens on all documents.

For now I have now solution as I cant’t reproduce it.

One thing: Can you try to send me the console output from Glyphs. (Open Console, select all Messages, put “Glyphs” in the filter box, select all and then “File > Save Selection As …”

Having the same problem and reported it as a bug. I’m on 10.5.8

05.08.10 09:17:58 Glyphs[77204] Error setting value for key path document.font.familyName of object <NSAutounbinder: 0x151d8510 - a nonretaining proxy for <GSWindowController: 0x153d8140>> (from bound object <NSTextField: 0x14cb5750> with object ID 4064 in Nib named GSWindow.nib): [<NSUndoManager 0x4b2bc0> setValue:forUndefinedKey:]: this class is not key value coding-compliant for the key familyName.

I’m working in it…

Just uploaded a new version with the bug fixed.

Thanks for reporting.