Font info Window listing

Hi, I occasionally compare Font Info panels between fonts (roman/italic, different revisions etc.), however the Font Info panel doesn’t get its own listing in the Window menu anymore.
Is there a reason for this or could it be added back?

Hi Team, Was this behaviour taken out of Glyphs 3 for a specific reason?

It is on the File menu: File > Font Info.

Which OS are you using?

I mean, when the Font Info widow is open, having its window appear in the Window menu list at the bottom.
Then, no matter what font you’re in, you can select multiple Font Info widows to view side-by-side.
It used to work like this before but now you have to move windows out of the way to view two together.

You do not need to move windows aside. That is what Mission Control is for. It has an option that gives you all windows of the current app.

Ok, fair enough. I suppose I got too used to it being there.