Font Name Problems


I’m working on a custom font based on a font I already have for sale. I gave this custom font a new name, completely different from the one I already have for sale. But when I export this custom font, the file kept the name of the font I already have for sale. In short, the name in my font info panel is different from the name of the exported font file.

Also, when I upload this font into my font management program (Suitcase Fusion), the name assigned to the custom font appears. However, if I activate this custom font, the retail font (under a completely different name) gets deactivated.

Hope that made sense. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


File name parameter?

Sorry, I’m still new to this. Is this what you mean?

Check under the Instances tab of that same dialog for parameters (at the bottom of the pane) that are overriding the name in the Font tab.

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That was it! Thank you so much!

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