Font Not Available in Word


I have installed my new font in the /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Fonts, and it works fine in Adobe InDesign, but it does not appear in MS Word. I cleared the cache per Eliminating font cache problems | Glyphs, with no improvement. When I try to install the font using Font Book, it displays the error message “1 serious error was found. Do not use this font.” I then cancel out of the font validation window without installing the font. See the enclosed screen shot. I am using Word 2011 for Mac.

Thank you

Yes, I restarted my Mac after clearing the cache per the instructions in Eliminating font cache problems | Glyphs.
I get the same error when attempting to install the font from the .ttf file. I have enclosed the .ttf file.
MartinezTextura-Regular.ttf (37.4 KB)

/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Fonts only works with Adobe software.

You need to figure out what’s causing Fontbook to generate this error. Since the Fontbook isn’t helping you’ll have to use other software. See if Font Validator can find the problem.

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I don’t remember who figured this out, but it appears Font Book doesn’t like when fonts are outside a user’s home folder. Move or copy the font files to the Desktop and then install them.


Font Book’s validation message appears when you had previously installed a font with the same name. You can ignore the message, install the font anyway, clean caches, restart, and validate again (right click the font in FontBook > Validate).

If you cancel, then the font is not installed and of course not available in Word.

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I followed your advice and copied the OTF file from /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Fonts to another directory (Desktop in my case.) I then installed the font using Font Book from the Desktop OTF file without errors. It compiles without errors and is available in MS Word now. Thank you!