Font not showing up in Powerpoint menu

I’m having trouble getting a typeface to appear in the Powerpoint menu, or Microsoft Office apps. It works no problem in Keynote, Adobe etc… but I can’t seem to figure out why this is happening.

The type was using a calt feature which I thought may be the issue, but even when I remove all features it still refuses to show up. I’ve tried .otf and .ttf and neither are working.

Has anybody else had this issue before? How did they resolve it?

  • Mac or Windows?
  • Usually you would get a warning when you install the font. How do you install to test?
  • Are all the Latin glyphs present in the font?

Apologies for the lack of details mekkablue.

It’s using a mac, I’ve tried the file on multiple macs and the same issue occurs. I just install the fonts through Fontbook, and there has been no warnings at all. Everything seems to work on other apps, the issue seems to reside with Office. Is there an alternate way to install fonts so that they work in Microsoft office?

The character set is standard latin, with some alternates included.

I do not know what ‘Standard Latin’ is. Make sure you cover Mac Roman and Windows 1252.

Installing through Font Book, you may have run into a font cache problem. Read this please:

Can you give me a rundown of your Font Info, please? What are your instances called? And what is your Font Family Name? Custom parameters?

Style linking: please read through the Naming tutorial,

Thanks mekkablue,

That was super helpful. There were some custom parameters left over from robofont that I deleted (It started off as an imported .ufo). The font is now appearing in microsoft powerpoint menu.

However the calt feature does not function. It is a basic cycling of two sets. This feature is working on other apps, is there any anything additional that needs to be added to the font information to make the feature function?

You mean that the feature is not working in PowerPoint but in other app. That might have to do with the very crappy (or none existing) OpenType support in Powerpoint.

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