Font Notes only save when I switch between info-panel tabs

Hi there,
I work extensively with the Notes in font info panel and noticed that some of my notes are lost after saving and then re-opening the file the next day. I was able to reproduce the error when the notes are open (selected in info panel) they do not get saved when saving then quiting Glyphs and reopening the file / on the other hand if I switch between notes and other settings the notes are saved after quitting and reopening the file.

I am using (1111).

I hope this is helpful.

Hmm, I cannot reproduce this. Does it only happen in a particular file?

I can reproduce it. I have a look


Fixed it.


Incredibly quick.


Updated to 1113 and I lost my notes.
I can’t really reproduce the error… just wanted to put it out there, that there might be still an issue regarding this.
As soon as I find a way to reproduce the loss I will post it.

Have a nice Monday.

The issue even appears during working, just now my notes got deleted.:sob:

How did this happen. While working in the notes field?

Maybe the notes field still had focus and you hit a key command that deleted the text while you where looking at something else?