Font panel view options for PUA unicode instead of names

Is there a setting or method I can use to view PUA glyphs by unicode instead of the names I’m giving them?

It’s not a big deal, but it’d be great to change the view if I’m using a specific PUA unicode ordering for a bunch of icons. Thanks!

If you set the grid size big enough it will show the Unicode next to the name.
Do you mean to sort by Unicode?

If you mean you are wanting to view only the PUA glyphs, you can make a Custom Filter to do that, plus do what Georg said if you want to see the code next to the name.

Yes sort by Unicode. Sorry about my poor description “view PUA glyphs by unicode”. I did a little searching and this seems like what I need to read.

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Another possible option to consider: switch to list mode (upper left icon) in the Font view, then click on the Unicode column to sort by Unicode value.


Thanks JK! That’s pretty nice! I’m so new to Glyphs :smile:

I’m making some icon fonts like, the facebook f alone, then in a circle, then in a rounded rectangle and I want to group the Unicdes together but also see them in Glyphs together. I’ve been naming the Glyphs and they don’t always sit together alphabetically.