Fontaudit in Glyphs?

Hey there,

I’m transitioning from Fontab to Glyphs and used to use the Fontaudit tool. I find this quite useful to reposition anchor points.
Is there maybe something similar in the Glyphs app or a technique that might be used to achieve something similar?


There is the “Red Arrow” plugin that is available in Window > Plugin Manager or at

I’ve just installed it.
Thanks again.

While you’re at it, take a look at the other plug-ins, perhaps you find more useful stuff for your workflow.

I will. Thanks!

You should also try my “Close But No Cigar” script, from here:

Thanks. I will check it out!

There’s also some QA tools in

Has anyone ported to Glyphs yet?


Last time I looked I believe there was no functionality that was not covered by other plugins already available.

Which plugins? :slight_smile:

One thing to add: Glyph Nanny also checks for problems that, in Glyphs, cannot become a problem in the first place.

What exactly are you missing?

What exactly are you missing?

I’m keen to know all the QA tools out there :slight_smile: