Fontexplorer Stylenamewrong

I don’t get it to work that my fontstyle get the right name in the overview.

You can see three Regular entries. But I need Semibold and Semilight.
I have filled up every form I found in the infowindow what I can found for Fontnames.
So can anyone give me a hint?

That is a bug in FontExplore. You can make a font that fits better with software like this by adding the “Compatible name Table” custom parameter.

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Hi @GeorgSeifert ,
thanks but if I add the custom paramter I got the error

Die ausgewählten Dateien oder Ordner enthalten keine Mac OS X-Kompatiblen Fonts oder Sie haben keine Berechtigung diese zu lesen.

with otf and ttf.
If I delete Compatible name Table end export the font again it works again.
Whats wrong. I think it’s a problem in Fontexplorer.

If I remember correctly, FEX is not under active development anymore. So there’s not much we can do, I’m afraid. Especially not on the side of Glyphs.

Yes thats right. I think monotype want to have a SAS for fonts to earn easier money like all other crap monopoli$ts.
If nothing ca able from glyphs than it is how it is.
But I don’t understand why other fonts will be displayed nice with the correct style?

You might be able to fix this with the “Export Mac Name Table Entries” parameter.

Does that parameter work mittlerweile? Wasn’t that broken for ages?

You would need to ask the people writing FontExplorer, or experiment with setting nameIDs and report back: name - Naming table (OpenType 1.9) - Typography | Microsoft Learn

Perhaps set nameIDs 16 & 17 (typographic names a.k.a. preferred names), perhaps ID 18 too? I don’t know, I haven’t had FEX installed for a long time.