FontInfo Dialog appears to be very buggy in Glyphs Mini

The FontInfo dialog appears to be very unreliable in Glyphs Mini.

For example, I tried the following sequence:

  1. Create a new font.
  2. Select File > Font Info…
  3. Tick the is Bold option. An error message appears.
    To be honest, I didn’t really understand the error message, due to its wording. When exactly can you set it? As I read it, you CAN’T set is Bold if the style name is Bold or Bold Italic, which seems wrong. Surely if the style name is Bold or Bold Italic, you would want to set is Bold to true?
    It also appears to say that you can only check it if a linked style is set, which seems reasonable.
  4. Click on the OK button. The check is removed from is bold.
  5. Set the Style Name to Bold.
  6. Check is Bold. Again the dialog appears and once you dismiss it the check box is removed.
  7. Enter a name in the Linked Style.
  8. Check is Bold. No warning appears and it remains checked.
  9. Clear the Linked Style. The is Bold stays checked.
  10. Reset the Style Name to Regular. The is Bold stays checked.
  11. Close the Font Info Dialog.
  12. Re-open the Font Info Dialog. The is Bold remains checked.

It also seems to be broken in relation to focus, so try the following:

  1. Create a new font.
  2. Open the Font Info dialog
  3. Click in the Linked Style field and enter Hello.
  4. Using the mouse, click on is Bold. The error dialog appears.
  5. Set the focus to Style Name (or any other input field)
  6. Click the is Bold checkbox. It checks without error.
  7. Click in the Linked Style field and delete all the text.
  8. Click is Bold. It unchecks (note - focus stays in the Linked Style field)
  9. Click is Bold. It checks without error, even though there is no text in the Linked Style field.
  10. Close the Font Info dialog.
    What state is the font information now in?


this is not really a bug, but this is how textField and checkboxes work by default. I will try to improve this.


I think that you have to consider it buggy if you have a user interface that can lead to inconsistent data. It must be impossible for a user to put the software in a position where invalid data is stored, and it appears that this is not the case at the moment.

But I’m very happy that you’ll be taking a look at it.

I know that the current behavior is not acceptable. I will fix that.