Fontinspector not generating .html

Hi there!

I’m just finishing a multiple master and I would like to compare the metrics through all masters. Since I’ve been using fontinspector ( in some other projects I thought I could use it in this one but it isn’t working (not generating the .html file analysing the font).

Can anyone help me with this problem? Have any of you had this problem and solved it?

Thank you so much in advance,

This is the Glyphs forum, and Font Inspector is not made for Glyphs. But the author of Font Inspector is on this forum: @setuptype. You can DM him, perhaps?

For comparing metrics in Glyphs, I recommend @yanone’s Space Bar.

@mekkablue ,

Thank you for your ultra-fast response I just couldn’t remember if the last time I used Fontinspector was in Glyphs or in another software.

I’ll have a look at Yanone’s in order to compare metrics.

Thank you so much again.


Hi, yes, Font Inspector was made for FontLab. I made a similar script for Glyphs:

It doesn’t generate HTML though, only a simple plain text visualization in the macro window output.