Fontlab to Glyphs

Hi, I’m new in glyphs app, so i want to transfer all my working file which is Fontlab format to UFO or Glyphs App. But i have some issue that i can’t found the solutions. if i export to UFO, few typeface got blank glyphs screen and there’s no any glyphs designed or it’s opened with a lot of engineering issues. And then i try to export Glyphs App format from Fontlab, and the Glyphs file can’t be opened there’s warning like "The Document “blablabla.glyphs” could not be opened.
if anybody here can explain and help me to solve this problem, help me please!.

Thank you

For me, this FontLab script worked very well:

It works in FontLab 5, not sure whether it works in later versions.

Also, this one is probably worth a try: GitHub - LucasFonts/vfbLib
[Edit: oops, that’s also for FontLab 5.]

The .glyphs files exported from FL are you best bet. They usually have some issues but they can be fixed by opening them in a Text Editor like TextMate, Visual Studio or so. The error message should give you a like number, the problem is usually just before that line. Set the formatting in the text editor to “old stye plist/property list”. Then it should give you some warning. If you can’t figure it out, send us the file, We can have a look.

Hi @GeorgSeifert , how to send the file to you???

Send it by email to support at this domain. Or a link to the file in a private message in the forum.

i’ve send it, lemme know if it already in on your end

Thank you

Please update to the latest cutting edge version (activate in Preference > Updates). It can open your file.

I have had good luck with the newest version of the FontLab to glyphs tool that comes with FontLab. There are some adjustments, mostly in features but not too bad.