FontPreviewNames and Splitting


Ive got two questions about Font-Naming and sorting.

  1. I can see my Font in the Font-List of Illustrator, Indesign etc.
    But the Preview is not the Regular Font, the List show me the Light Version of Weights? How can I say to Glyphs: Show me the Regular in Font-List Preview?

  2. Is the a script to split a FontFamily into different Packages?
    I have the Font “Olma” with weights A,B,C. Now it goes “Olma” with the weights A,B,C. But I want to have it like that: Olma A, Olma B, Olma C separate. Because if you have a LArge Family the List can be very very very long…



  1. Sounds like a font conflict or cache problem. Read these two blogposts please:

  2. Simply call your Family “Olma A”, “Olma B” etc. But I personally prefer long style lists, because the font family lists are much longer.

you can use the “familyName” custom parameter in instances to overwrite the font setting.

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