fontQA, font production checklist


Is there a checklist or script people use to check fonts for common errors.

I remember years ago there was fontQA script I used in Fontlab to test things like Outline, Vertical Metrics, Kerning etc. Is something like this available in Gylphs

That sounds amazing! I hope something like that exists!

It did exists haha

Try Fontbakery. It requires some setup and command line comfort, but works fantastically. GitHub - googlefonts/fontbakery: Font quality assurance tool written in Python 3.

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Fontbakery is nice and extensible. FontQA’s advantage was that it ran directly in the Font editor (in this case FontLab Studio 5), so you could spot and fix errors before even exporting fonts.

At a previous workplace, I even started to port FontQA to Glyphs, and hoped it would get open-sourced, but management didn’t see any benefit in that, and in the end I think the project was abandoned.