Fonts with different names on Windows and MacOS


I am using fonts made in Glyphs and when I go to work with them on different operating systems I see that they have different names:

Windows: Primary-Light Light
Mac: Elementary-Light

I know that the name that the second “Light” in WIN is added from the instance, but in the BOLD it doesn’t happen to me and it has exactly the same parameters.

Do you know how I can fix it?

Can you check this tutorial: Naming | Glyphs

My problem is that in a certain program for Windows (MathType) it detects only in Windows the name of the File > Font Info > Exports

This font is not part of any family, it works as an independent font.

I just want to remove the suffix and make the font name: SMPrimaria-Light

the result in Windows


What names are defined in the fonts settings?


The First line should not contain “-Light”.

For us that font works as a single family.
We are a publisher and we create our own fonts for the first time.
The problem came when in MathType it detects the different name in Win and in MAC, we had to put the font family as independent fonts.
All are working correctly except the “SMPrimaria-Light” and “SMPrimaria-LightItalic”,
I think the Bold works because it is RIBBI (which has the same parameters as the light).

Please read this tutorial: Naming | Glyphs

Font name should only have the Family name. The stile names belongs to the instance. There are several other name fields in a font file. Those are explained in the tutorial.

I understand, thanks for the trouble you are taking.

I think my problem is not Font name, since for me the correct Font name is: SMPrimaria-Light since the font is a family in itself.
If I created it as you recommend, they would still be two different names:
Mac: SMPrimaria-Light
Win: SMPrimaria- Light (would add a space between the name and the subfamily)

We have the same case in Bold and it works perfectly

Please check the other name table entires. Notable the postScript and full name.

In this screenshot you have a “Family” name that includes the style part. That will cause problems.
I would try this:

Font.familyName: SMPrimaria Light
instance.Full Name (postscriptFullNames): SMPrimaria-Light

(the last entry you get from the “+” button in the top right of the instances setting)