FontValidator warnings/errors

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I used the Microsoft FontValidator to give my font a proper check-up. Results were pretty good and I managed to right some wrongs myself. But still 8 warnings remain. Offcourse I googled and searched this forum, but no real solutions and I wonder if all warnings need to be addressed? Can you guys and gals help me out, perhaps?

These are the warnings I get:
General Font Information
#1 | W0020 | Tables are not in optimal order | ‘maxp’ precedes table ‘head’

#2 | W2106 | The version number is valid, but less than 5 | 3
#3 | W2117 | The value of sTypoAscender minus sTypoDescender is greater than unitsPerEm | sTypoAscender = 800, sTypoDescender = -400

#4 | W0302 | The table does not contain any Apple subtables
#5 | W0301 | Apple logo mapping test not performed, cmap 1,0 not present
#6 | W0307 | Characters are mapped in the Unicode Private Use area

#7 | W1305 | The lowestRecPPEM value may be unreasonably small | lowestRecPPEM = 3

#8 | W23045 | Apple recommends against using post table format 3 under most circumstances

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I think you can ignore all of those. If you want a newer post table version, you can set the value with a custom parameter, best in Font Info > Font.

The Parameter is called Post Table Type and can be 2 or 3. Quoting the handbook:

Version of the post table built into the
instance, the default is 2 for TTF, and 3 for CFF fonts.

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