For Chinese font design, the software has too many places to be improved. Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah,

just like,en,,,

For example, when creating a new filter, the software needs a function that can be automatically set to the format of one word per line.


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I also have my own tools to achieve the functions I want, but I still feel a little cumbersome.

You mean you have a list of ideographs in one line without space or comma between then and like to paste them in a list filter? I’ll see what I can do.

And if you have any other suggestions, please feel free to post them here or write me directly.

In software design, it is not necessary to add commas, spaces or line breaks for them, or it can be set in another way to identify the words of a code point and filter out the words of the corresponding code point, instead of having line breaks.
Well, there are too many suggestions. Not all of them can be sent out in time. Indeed, I have too many strange ideas.

You can select multiple glyphs and then copy all of their glyph names, one name per line. In Font View:

and in Edit View:

Also, when creating a new filter, Glyphs will automatically use the currently selected glyphs in Font View:


a = '【填入你需要处理的连续文本】'
b = ''
for char in a:
	b += char + ' '


The reason why it needs a delimiter between character is that all other scripts normally use glyphs names in list filters and such. And glyphs names need something to tell them apart. Because ‘A’ ‘grave’ and ‘Agrave’ are three different glyphs.

But you are right, for all none ASCII characters it should be able to tell them apart automatically. I’ll fix that.


Ha, there are so many ways. Thank you very much. There is no lack of ways and means to solve the problem (of course, more is better), but I think there should be better ways in the repeated mechanical operation, and the user experience needs to be improved. Personally, I think that when using filters or adding character types, the probability of entering characters that need line breaks or adding other spacing symbols is much greater than that of adding nothing, at least I am. I don’t know whether the software can directly design an option next to the filter or add character type. You can add intermediate symbols according to your own needs.

The Glyphs label function is not very easy to use. After many labels have been marked, all the labels will disappear after returning to the font home page and adding labels in batches. This happens occasionally.

Can you explain what you are trying to do? How do you “mark labels”?