For final export details

Hello, im new on this and i just finish to draw my type and i have some question for the final export:

  1. How i can order the .OTF so when i view in finder or other programs the type is order by weights like this:

Thin oblique
Light oblique
Book oblique

In Indesign the order is right, but in Font explorer and finder and others programs is wrong. Any tips?

  1. For obliques: Why there are two separate files in Font Explorer for obliques? I have the same names in the .OTF and glyphs (i just added the word obliques for the instances for this type).

  2. Is it a good idea to name a font with accents (in this case acute)?? for e.g: Mágica sans, Ópera serif, etc.

thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I’d suggest to read tutorials - you can find everything you need to know about naming and setting up weights there

Finder sorts the way it is set to sort. A file (name) cannot force the finder to sort differently. Only the user can decide on the criterion to sort by, modification date for instance.

No. You need to use the custom parameters for localized names for non-ASCII names.

(Actually, it is a bit more complicated than that, there are several 8-bit encodings for different platforms. But to be on he safe side, I suggest you stick to ascii and set localized names.)

Ok, thanks for clarification :slight_smile:

thanks, its works now.