Format of "Copy Glyph Names"

What would be a good format “Copy Glyph Names”? Now it is slash separated. I could imaging space separated or one glyph per line. Any suggestions?

Space separated is what several other apps do.

Why not providing multiple options?

  • Slash Separated
  • Space Separated
  • New Lines
  • As python list: “a”, “b”, “c”, “d”

Each one will be useful for a different task

sounds like a perfect python script task

The script is a good idea to provide multiple options. But what would be the best default behavior?

space separated is best if you build an OT feature.
slash separated can help if you build a sample string, but it is not necessary; you could just copy the content of an Edit tab.
newline separated… where would you need that?

I do think that the OT feature purpose is most frequent, space-separated should be the default in my opinion. But perhaps that is only me.

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I replace slash more than keep (with line break) but I think space-separated is the most useful default.

I jump to inDesign with text string on the clipoboard mostly to change slash to space, so another voice is for space separator.

i suggest this can be needed for making a) new glyphs (cmd-shift-G) and b) building or editing List filters (even though building this will automatically make this list from a selection. So it can be »abused« for generating line separated selection :) )
You can do that with space separated glyph names as well. When you create a new List filter, the current glyph selection is inserted straight away. No need to copy or paste anything.

So, I suspect newline-separated glyph name lists do not really serve a purpose.

I use line-separated glyph names for generating glyphs (after I edit the names and sometimes recipe too). I think space-separated is not better at all for this case (of course it doesn’t take more than to replace slash with line break).

didn’t know that. interesting. but still a nice option to have them with newline for easier reading things like A Adieresis Aacute Agrave ... i know, that’s what i wrote, but i mean in general, when you want to edit a list (e.g. add sth to an existing one)

You can also convert between spaces and newlines and back again using system services:

Install them (double-click and follow instructions), then select any text anywhere (including the Add Glyphs dialog), right-click and choose Services > Convert spaces to newlines or Services > Convert newlines to spaces.

For me the optimal solution would be to select the default behavior in the app preferences. Sometimes the new line list is better (when managing lists in Excel), sometimes /slash is better (when sending strings to FL users) etc. The idea to include also the Python lists (as PabloImpallari suggests) is great.

So please add more choices. (I find the system services “convert” options not really user friendly.)

Thanks for the feedback. Contrary to my usual habit I will add all options :wink:

Any reason newline separated wasn’t added? I would still find that very useful for things like the glyphOrder custom parameter and for OpenType Classes. I prefer to separate glyphs in classes with a new line instead of a space for two reasons. It’s more readable and when there’s an error in a class clicking the “show” button after clicking compile highlights the glyph just after the problematic glyph.


I was asking myself this question from time to time.