Four glyphs in Hangul basic (2350) have no information (Version 2.5b (1086))

I found that four glyphs in Hangul basic (2350) have no information such as Unicode.

If I put the information by myself, the glyphs are not shown in proper order.

Okay, which Unicode should they have and how should they be sorted?

Google tells me the jung encoding is U+C911. I am not an Asian language person so don’t have a clue as to what the glyph should look like, so am not sure if it is correct. Consider checking the encodings and characters shown here:

The glyphs are in the database but for some reason have a uppercase J instead of a lowercase. I fixed it.

Thanks a lot, mekkablue.

I think these four glyphs should have following information.

I found that other glyphs are already taken these Unicode.

Comparing to the other glyphs name, I think the glyphs name that contain the capital
‘J’ have different rules.