From Light to Black

Hello All, How do I list fonts in GLYPHS so they appear correctly in for exampel InDesign? From Light to Black Italic?

Have a look at the weight/width values in the instances panel of the font info.
These values normally are used to sort the font in InDesign etc.

Great. I’ll try! Thanks a lot :wink:

Well, It doesn’t work as I want … I have give the weights these values, but the result is wrong?

Light: 300
LightItalic: 300

Regular: 400
RegularItalic: 400

Book: 600
BookItalic: 600

Bold: 700
BoldItalic: 700

Black: 900
BlackItalic: 900

did you set the ‘is Italic’ checkbox? And usually, the style names are written with a space: Light Italic.

If that does not work, please send me the file at support at this domain.

Thanks! I will try differnet solutions …

Please read this tutorial:

I’ll do that – thanks :wink: