Fundraising for Beirut - decorative Isolated forms/capitals

Thanks to Eric for suggesting to post this here… Short notice but you are all welcome to join:

In support of the victims of the Beirut Explosion we are putting together a typeface that combines drawings from both the Lebanese & the global community of type designers. A big heartfelt thank u to everyone who already said yes!

Full text of the brief:

In support of the relief efforts dealing with the aftermath of the Beirut explosion, you are kindly invited to contribute to a new typeface that is made of Arabic and Latin decorative letters. Dr. Nadine Chahine is coordinating the project, and the early list of confirmed contributions include Lebanese designers such as Wael Morcos, Pascal Zoghbi, Kristyan Sarkis, Bahia Shehab, Khajag Apelian, Yara Khoury, Azza Alemeddine, Lara Captan, and Tarek Atrissi, as well as friends and colleagues from the global type design community such as Jean-François Porchez, Neil Summerour, Jessica Hische, Erik Spiekermann, Erik van Blokland, Kaja Słojewska, and Hannes von Döhren.


Every designer would contribute at least one glyph of a letter set in a square ornamental background. The type of decoration and the size of the letter within that square is open to your interpretation and you are very welcome to draw as many letters as you like as we’ll ideally have many alternates. The files can be submitted either as an Illustrator file or a Glyphs/UFO file with the square size being 700 units on a 1000 upm. Due to time constraints we are unable to accept drawings that require outline corrections. The copyright of each glyph remains with its designer. Examples are below.

Fundraising plans:

The font will be made available on multiple channels and all proceeds will go to Lebanese charities. The crowdfunding campaign will also feature dedicated Instagram and Twitter accounts to showcase the submissions once received.


If you would like to take part, please send your submission by Friday August 14 to

liBeirut2020 at yahoo dot com, and if you are willing, a short message of support that can be posted alongside your submission on social media. Please indicate your social media accounts so we can tag you.


Task: square decorative isolated Arabic letters or Latin capitals

Deadline: August 14, 2020

Email to: liBeirut2020 at yahoo dot com

Thank you and I hope we can all come together to send messages of support to the devastated communities in Beirut.

I really hope you can join us! Sorry for the rush and another million thanks to all who are helping us draw letters of hope. I always find solace in design & I hope that by coming together we can show global solidarity to the people of Beirut & my beloved home city


Will try to do it in one day, Thanks Nadine!

I sent you a file last night at about 11PM eastern, hope it arrived in time?

No I checked both accounts. Can you please resend? Thank you!!!