Funny Layer that only sometimes appears...?

Hej there!
I have a funny layer in my current project that doesn’t seem to make any sense > see screenshot. I was wondering weather it might effect anything or if it’s just a bug? Any ideas of how I get rid of it?

Thanks! Also for keeping the forum so lively!

Can you check if the second master has something in the custom field? Maybe there is a single space?

Just had a look… All empty.
Any other ideas?

Does it only appear when you select certain glyphs like the k?

Yes, indeed! On some glyphs it appears on others it don’t…
Any hint?

I heard of this empty layer before. I don’t know how it came to be. You should be save to delete it.

Thanks, but mine is not deletable.

Then it is a master, as I thought. Could you send me the file?

I did sent it to the contact email address. I hope it did arrive?

I got the email. That are simple extra layers. I don’t know what causes them to show up but you can delete them when you open a glyph in edit view.