G2 vs G3 font builds


I notice that there is information missing or changed in genertaed G3 otf files when viewed in OTMA.

G2 =

G3 =
Changed Vendor ID!

Less Mac tables

Missing copyright

Also G2 files include the DSIG table whereas G3 otf don’t. Why is this?

The missing mac names are intentional. They are not needed any more. I have a look at the rest.

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Thanks Georg. :+1:t2:

I confirm, no DSIG table.

There is also a FAIL from Fontbakery (which is not so bad) :
🔥 **FAIL** Font style is "Regular" and, for that reason, it is not expected to have a [TYPOGRAPHIC_FAMILY_NAME(16):WINDOWS(3)] entry! [code: ribbi]

Do you know any place where the DSIG table makes a difference?

Can you send me that .glyphs file that produces this warning?

As long as fonts can be installed and OT features function on Office apps on Windows then OK. Is it required for TTF OT fonts?
If DSIG is no longer requried for Windows then OK, but if this is a requirement for legacy apps then an option to add would be needed. I admit it is daft but so is Windows.

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Hi! I am getting this issue with Fontbakery, any hints on how to fix it? Thanks

[TYPOGRAPHIC_FAMILY_NAME(16):WINDOWS(3)] entry! [code: ribbi]

It seems to complain about a missing typographic family name.
What instances do you have?