G3 (3.1.2 3153) export STAT table doesn't look right for Static fonts

Hi @GeorgSeifert ,

I have a font family with weight and width axes (in this sequence) and two separate working files (upright and italic).

When I export the static fonts with Export STAT enabled I get an odd result in the static fonts.

See the ttx’ed STAT table comparison here:

a) The ‘ital’ axis is written before the width. Why?

b) The elided name (Black Italic and Black) is properly linked to the ‘ital’ axis index.

c) The linked value is broken since it is written for axis index 2 (which is ‘wdth’ and not ‘ital’) instead of 1 (‘ital’) and it is not even written properly with the values (nominal, min, max) not corresponding to the expected ones that would also link the upright to the italic.

Is there a way to fix this?

Can you try the latest cutting edge version (activate it in Preferences > updates).

It is exactly the same in 3.2 (3234).