G3 alternate glyphs

Hi. I am attempting to make an alternate A in Glyphs 3 on an iMac. In glyphs 2 the protocol was make new glyph window, type letter A followed by .alt. I cannot do that in G3. Instead of placing the alternate in the glyph window layout, the alternate remains below all of the glyphs and numbers and diacritics and all. Please advise. Thanks.

Cmd-I > Other, and check the box that reads “Keep alternates next to base glyph”.

Weird, if I copy any capital letter glyph and replace .001 with .alt it places this glyph right after Z.
Are you sure you do not have Custom Parameter: glyphOrder enabled in the Font tab?

Elena, thank you for your reply. I think the problem is that I created the font in G2 and tried to use G4 as described. G2 puts the alternate right after the root glyph without hassle. Chuck

Well, on my end Glyphs 3 places alternative glyphs right after the main set of characters. Just the same way how it worked in G2. The only time it moves glyphs down the list (below all other characters is if something is wrong with either glyph’s name or its unicode. :woman_shrugging:

Select “Keep alternates next to base glyph” in Font Info (Command-I) → Other.

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