G3 breaks my OT code

Here’s my prototype font for Kwekor script, encoded in PUA for the time being.

In G2 my conjuncts work fine:

In G3 they don’t work:

The lookups are in a prefix, then called in the CCMP feature. Might that be somehow treated differently in G3?

Does anyone have an idea why that happened? The OT compiler got changed again?

Can you call me?

I had the same problem in my Chak font where the conjunct substitution rules were in the BLWS feature (the recommended feature for that kind of thing). Putting the rules into CCMP made it work, but why?

can you send me some sample text?

Thanks! Here’s some Chak conjuncts for that font:

                                 

I’ve just pushed an updated version to that repo; the rules are now in the prefix so they are parsed before the vowel reordering. The conjunct lookup is called in a second CCMP feature, which works. But changing that CCMP to BLWS breaks things.

I suspect that when you use PUA codes, you can’t use the Indic shaping features.

it worked in G2

Can you send me a font that works?

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Thanks, I’ll get back on this in the morning. There might actually be two different issues, one in each font here.

Ok, so I think you’re right about the BLWS feature not being allowed for PUA characters, that’s weird.

For the other question I’ll message now :slight_smile: