G3: Custom Parameter Name

In Glyphs 2 there was an option to name the Master custom parameter instead of choosing one from the existing ones via “+” button. How does one add a new blank custom parameter that can be renamed also?


Do you really need to change it later or do you just need to add a custom parameter. Because you can type whatever you like in the “Add Parameter” popup and hit enter.

Thank you, Georg, that is precisely what I needed.

Maybe I am missing something but it wasn‘t clear to me that I can just press enter to create whatever I wanted (I was expecting to find a “Define new…” as the last option in the dropdown, but this hasn’t crossed my mind).

True. Will discuss.

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Sorry out of topic but is there any article explaining the definition of each filter in custom parameters? Thank you.

Inside the app. When you add a new one you get the info right next to it.

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