G3 not exporting all the instances

Hi Georg,

I am on 3.1.2 (3151) and I have a file with 240 instances. When exporting otfs yesterday it was giving me a “Something went wrong when Removing Overlap in glyph: abrevehookabove” with no further explanation.

Oddly today it doesn’t give me any warning but magically exports only 44 of the instances.

I have sent you the file to support@.


Did you guys have any time to look into this?

Is this the file with the remove overlap problem? If not, can you send it again?

Hi Georg,

I just resent.


@GeorgSeifert any luck with the file I sent?

I found the issue. That one instance produces (by interpolation) an outline that the remove overlap code is choking on. I could fix this.

But the Replace Feature parameter in some instances are not right in the “Latin” instances.

Hi Georg, After many trials and errors of moving nodes by 1 unit here and there I finally managed to produce all the files. I have spotted the issue in the Latin instances too. Thanks for taking the time.

In any case it would be good if there was some way to report more specificly what the outline issue is when the Something went wrong when Removing Overlap message shows up.

I’ll upload a new version that will work correctly with the original shapes.

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