G3 UI minor bug

Just want to report a bug regarding the UI. As you can see on the screens below, the box with all the master is moving around the top bar as it wants. Once, it is on the right side, the next time I have it in the middle … This is happening on a 4k display, respectively 3840 x 2160. It does not influence the functionality of the sw, so it is a minor bug.

And this is the latest version.

I cannot see anything, the screenshot is too wide for my screen. Does this only happen if the window is maximized in width?

Are you running macOS Big Sur?

Yes, the latest Big Sur. Well, the structure of the elements is different after the latest update. Now it looks like a G2, should it be like that? The issue now is that the tool box is sometimes not centered in the middle of the screen. This happens when the window is maximized or when I run a glyph file with many masters on a smaller screen (MBP 15").

Big Sur will force the toolbar to the right. I don’t think we can do anything about it.

It shouldn’t mess with the masters icons though.

There is centeredItemIdentifier on NSToolbar, but I don’t know if that works in this case.

See also: https://developer.apple.com/wwdc18/209 at 29:56

This happened to me yesterday when updated my macOS. I was not sure this was a bug or some UI design change. I posted about it yesterday and one user replied that there was already open discussion about that.

it does not mess anything, because toolbar replaces in the middle at even smaller window.
This happens when you have many masters / many master icons.

Edge to edge window (Macbook Pro with 13 inch retina display):

and here is what happens when I resize the window (make it smaller)

So the toolbar will not mess anything :flushed:
I understand it’s because of new macOS, but cannot be fixed by App?

Thanks for the reminder. I fixed it.


Thank you Georg :heart::heart: