Generate iconfont cheatsheet

I have created a font icon that uses private use unicode. Is there a way to generate a cheatsheet? There are 300 icons and I am trying to find a way to give html coders a reference of the icon and the unicode. Are there any 3rd party solutions that make an text or html based cheatsheet like FontAwesome or iconmoom provide?

I can’t really say much about the styling of the cheatsheet but this script will give you the html codes that you need to display your glyphs.

for g in Font.glyphs:
    if g.unicode != None and len(g.unicode) > 0:
        print "%s: &#%d; " % (, g.unicodeChar())

Hey Georg,

I am also trying to create a cheat sheet. How does the script work or where do I paste it? In the macro panel or as a separate python file?

thank you,


You need to put that into the Macro Window.

Thank you, worked fine :slight_smile: I tweaked it a little to print json